Gefen HD Mate Scaler and switch

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|03.13.07

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Ben Drawbaugh
March 13th, 2007
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Gefen HD Mate Scaler and switch image
Gefen HD Mate Scaler and switch image
Gefen HD Mate Scaler
The world of scalers changes as fast as HD itself, as technology improves, the prices come down and new needs are met. Gefen's new HD Mate Scaler is just what many have asked for, but doesn't quite cover all the bases. The most obvious thing missing is HDMI, but Gefen has other products for that, the HD Mate is for component and DVI users. It features 2 component inputs, 1 DVI input and 1 DVI output, all switchable via an on-screen display and IR remote. The DVI out is HDCP compliant and 1080p, analog as well as toslink inputs are accepted and transcoded accordingly, as well as audio delay settings for those who can't stand when the lips don't match up. The great thing about any stand alone scalers is that they aren't held back by the same CSS limitations as built in scalers and can allowing you to watch your DVDs at 1080p and anything else you got to throw at it. This might be the perfect scaler for those Xbox 360 and PS3 owners with a 1080p TV.

[Via MacMinute]
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