Goodbye GDC: Booze, games, and a lonely Zune

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Goodbye GDC: Booze, games, and a lonely Zune

It's finally time to say goodbye to our GDC coverage. As a fond farewell, we give you a handful of pictures of Microsoft's presence in the North Hall. It was really more interesting than the actual Microsoft booth, which was more oriented towards scheduling meetings and working with XNA. Microsoft basically owned the lobby of the North Hall, with lots of demo stations and some pumping music. Granted, the games on display weren't exactly the new hotness -- Gears of War, Homecourt, etc. -- but they sure looked nice on the HD displays.

Of course, nothing woos game developers like an open bar. Because really, after fending off hungry companies trying to sell you physics engines and Virtual Jenna's for a few hours, all you really want is a good stiff drink. Luckily, Microsoft had that covered.

There is, however, always a dark side to every story, a lonely, desperate side. This story is no different, for behind all the glitz and glamour were several unappreciated Zune stations. We'd never seen a Zune in the wild before, and there wasn't exactly a line, so we decided to check one out. Unfortunately, the headphones were broken, so we only heard a tinny squeak. At least, that's what we thought we heard. It could have been a tiny electronic cry for help.

Sorry little Zune buddy. GDC was over, and we had a plane to catch.
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