Nikko to pair R2D2 projector with Tie Fighter speakers

So it seems pretty obvious when you think about it: if you're gonna go out and spend $1000+ on a projector / DVD player / iPod dock shaped like R2D2 from those Star Wars movies, you can't really hook it up to just any old speakers, now can you? Sure, some nice tower speakers from Energy or Boston Acoustics would sound pretty great, but if you want your home theater to have that authentic Jedi feel to it, it would seem that something more thematic / tacky is in order. Well, projector (and matching R2 Skype webcam) manufacturer Nikko has apparently come to this realization as well, and probably due to the unexpected popularity of its products tucked into a corner of South Hall at CES, has come up with a 2.1 speaker system shaped like a pair of Tie-Fighters. Scheduled to launch at CeBIT, not much is known about this unique setup other than the fact that bass comes courtesy of a dedicated subwoofer emblazoned with the classic Star Wars logo. Check out a few different angles in the gallery below, and stay tuned as we attempt to once again track down Nikko's booth for more in-depth coverage of what will likely be the sleeper hit of this year's show.