Samsung: BD-P1200 Blu-ray player delayed in UK, hybrid player still possible

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Samsung: BD-P1200 Blu-ray player delayed in UK, hybrid player still possible
We hoped to see the first second generation Blu-ray player this month, but Samsung's BD-P1200 has been delayed. learned from Samsung's marketing manager that the player has been delayed until October in the U.S., and may not launch at all in the UK before 3rd generation hardware becomes available by Christmas. Stoking the hybrid player rumors even more, he said they could "launch a hybrid player or a Blu-ray recorder tomorrow" but are waiting to see what other companies announce. Although Samsung is a Blu-ray supporter, they recently announced an HD DVD-equipped laptop, and have leaked plans for a hybrid player before. Still, October is a long time to wait for an improved player, especially while second generation HD DVD players and PlayStation 3 are on store shelves. DTV Tivo Dealer on AVS Forum, who previously informed us of a delay in the HD-A2, has heard there will be limited quantities available as soon as April. We don't know who to believe until hardware is actually on the shelf, but we're hoping a low priced hybrid player mysteriously appears tomorrow.

Update: Whoops, looks like we got a little ahead of ourselves here. Scratch that part about the P1200 being delayed until October in the US; while forums are indeed buzzing about a delay of some sort, October has not been mentioned by any credible sources. All that jazz about a possible hybrid player, however, is straight from the horse's mouth.

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