Caption Contest: the wireframe car

Ryan Block
R. Block|03.14.07

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Behold Benedict Radcliffe's "Modern Japanese Classic," a 1:1 scale Subaru Impreza wireframe art project. We heard it was still in dev though, they haven't enabled textures yet. Casual caption contest? Oh sure, why not:

Chris: "Ten days of intensive wind tunnel testing yielded... no data."
Ryan: "Let's see you crap on THIS, friggin' pigeons!"
Paul: "Bill's invisible car experiment would've been a resounding success were it not for a clever prank by a few of his engineering buddies."
Jeannie: "Neither an electric, hybrid, or gas-powered car, this beauty runs on straight-up crack."
Ross: "Thanks, but I'll keep my Light Cycle."

[Via Core77 and Winding Road]

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