Toshiba's PA35 external drive does HD DVD on the cheap

We thought this little dude looked familiar -- strikingly similar to one of Toshiba's prototypes from CEDIA last year. Now the real deal, Tosh's slim 'n trim PA35 external HD DVD drive will latch onto your PC via USB 2.0 for plug-and-play HD capability. The PA35 delivers 7.1 channels of hi-res audio to accompany hi-def eye candy, but only a ho-hum 1x HD DVD read speed -- since you can't do any burning, maybe they assume that you won't be reading any data discs either (plus hey, what do you expect for under four benjamins?). You can still count on it for trusty multi-drive duties with write speeds of 4x to DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, and DVD-RW, 16x to CD-R, 10x to CD-RW, 2.4x to DVD+R DL, 2x to DVD-R DL, and 3x to DVD-RAM. So if you're raring for some HD DVD action on the fairly cheap, this one's all yours for about $370.

[Via PC Perspective]