Hands-on with Samsung Ultra Music: as lovely as Beyonce

CeBIT is where it's at for huge crowds and greasy smudged phones, but we have you covered with piles of wipes and early-morning access to Beyoncé's treasure. Samsung, it seems, has struck a deal with her that extends to TV commercials, concert tours, and other advertisements. The idea behind the SGH-F300 is to have one side dedicated to music and the other for calling and messaging. We have a feeling the phone screen may be a tad bit too small to be terribly useful but it does look Samsung-beautiful first hand. Flipping the phone over reveals a large square control for music, touted as the "Sweeping Touch UI" control system and of course the larger screen. As an added kindness, Samsung has also included Beyoncé's hit "Irreplaceable" pre-loaded on the device. No word on what the diva gets, but we assume a car load of cash and at least a free phone.

Hands-on with Ultra Music