iPhoto Keyword Assistant and Manager plugins updated

David Chartier
D. Chartier|03.15.07

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iPhoto Keyword Assistant and Manager plugins updated
The two major keyword plugins for iPhoto have both been updated recently. First up is everyone's favorite free alternative, Ken Ferry's Keyword Assistant which we've covered in the past. This new 1.9.4 version adds a panel with tag keyword auto-completion, and it can also alphabetize the keyword list.

Next is Keyword Manager, a shareware plugin for iPhoto that brings some more robust features to the table for seriously serious iPhoto keyword junkies. New in version 1.2 is:
  • Copy and paste keywords between photos
  • Jump directly to next untagged photo
  • Fixed crash bug in Dutch version
  • Minor stability bugs fixed
  • Japanse localization
  • German localization
  • Chinese localization
A demo is of course available, while a single license to Keyword Manager is $19 from Bullstorm Software.
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