Creation adds sixth sense for WiFi hotspots

We know, there are (supposedly) folks out there with the ingrained ability to sense wireless networks without any mechanical assistance whatsoever, but considering that we can't all live next door to Kate Figes, the rest of us mere mortals need a bit of manmade aid. Enter the WiFi Heartbeat, a custom built sensor / vibration device that autonomously sniffs out WiFi signals, determines the signal strength, and sends a pulsing signal to you based on just how close the hotspot is. The creator states that all you'll need is a "microcontroller, some custom interface electronics, a small vibe motor, and an off-the-shelf WiFi detector," and if you've given mildly difficult DIY endeavors a go before, we can't imagine this one causing too much strife. For those of you still on the fence, be sure to hit the read link for all the details you'd need to craft your own, and click on through for the video demonstration.

[Via MAKE]