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T-Mobile Germany showcases '07 plans at CeBIT

T-Mobile Germany showcases '07 plans at CeBIT
Chris Ziegler
Chris Ziegler|March 17, 2007 8:01 PM
Germany's own T-Mobile came out swinging at CeBIT on its home turf this week, touting recent advances and showing a rather plump to-do list for the coming year. Of course, this is all coming from Europe's T-Mobile, not our own, but maybe -- just maybe -- we'll get some of this down the pike if we close our eyes and click our heels together three times. First up, a slew of new web'n'walk models (T-Mobile's cute term for data peripherals) will offer downlink speeds upgradeable to 7.2Mbps and uplink up to 1.4Mbps (thanks to HSUPA) in PC Card, ExpressCard, and desktop box form factors. Turning our attention to handsets, T-Mobile's committed to offering a veritable trifecta of superphones with the Nokia E90 and N95 both in the cards along with the HTC-sourced Ameo, while fashionistas will be able to feast on the Sony Ericsson W880i. Other highlights included the promised mid-2007 introduction of "Super SMS," a chat-centric text app that'll allow users to rock a buddy list and other features typically associated with traditional instant messaging -- and best of all, it'll be compatible with a number of existing handsets. Get on those ruby red slippers and start clicking, American T-Mobile customers.

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