M.C. Hot Software releases Tangle

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Erica Sadun
March 20th, 2007
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M.C. Hot Software releases Tangle
Developer Matthew Crandall dropped us a note that he had just released a new game called Tangle. Tangle challenges you to untangle balls and lines so that no line crosses another.

It sounded reasonably interesting so I downloaded a copy and gave it a spin. It turned out to be really similar to a game I remember playing (and then recommended to all my family and friends) called Planarity. So I googled up Planarity, a free online flash game, and tried that out as well. It played almost identically. For twenty bucks, I can't really recommend Tangle when there's a free nearly-identical online version available that plays perfectly well in Safari. However, if you want to download the free demo and give it a try, you can get a copy here.
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