Nokia sues shops carrying Nokir E828, ignores manufacturer

Well, well Nokia. You choose to go after shops selling the Nokir E828, but then politely ignore Brando, reseller of the infamous (and uniquely Nokia-like) "Nokir" brand based on the silliness of Chinese trademark and copyright laws. We guess if Nokia can't get the Nokir handsets off the market one way, there's always another way. We peeped the Nokia E828 just recently and from all looks, the Nokir unit was a semi-dead ringer for the actual Nokia N73 in terms of looks alone. But, while we weren't able to peel back the Nokir cover, who knows what was really inside. Nokia doesn't seem to care and just wants these Nokir E828 handsets off shelves in the Hong Kong area. So, if you're really, really wanting one of these Nokirs and you're in the Hong Kong area, better hurry before they're all gone from your local wireless shop courtesy of Nokia.

[Via Gearfuse]