Ace Combat 6 revealed as an Xbox 360 exclusive

Jared Rea
J. Rea|03.20.07

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Ace Combat 6 revealed as an Xbox 360 exclusive
In an event that shall only be referred to as "Mondayton," Capcom shocked everyone by announcing a would-be exclusive for Microsoft's platform. Today, it's Namco Bandai's turn. Mirroring the Xbox 360 launch with Ridge Racer 6, Ace Combat 6: Kaiho e no Senbi has been unveiled as an Xbox 360 exclusive.

IGN did the Famitsu translation work for the rest of us and fished out the details. Helming the project will be Ace Combat veterans Hiroyuki Ichiyanagi and Natsuki Isaki, serving as producer and director respectively. There will be two huge additions to the series with the first being the Dynamic Mission system. Players will be teaming up with ally pilots that can be manipulated to take care of various tasks outside the scope of the primary objective, which can then open up new missions mid-battle.

The other addition? Online play, of course. While no number of players are mentioned, there are currently battle royal and team battle modes, as well as a co-operative play that allows players to team-up against an enemy force.

Ace Combat 6 is due out in Japan this year with no set release or announcement for the Western world, though expect one sooner than later.
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