Ace Combat flies onto 360

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Ace Combat flies onto 360
Wow, it's quite a day for new 360 titles that were once Sony exclusives. First Capcom announces that Devil May Cry 4 will be making an appearance on the Xbox 360, and now we've learned that Ace Combat 6 is making the jump as well (we should really start keeping a checklist). A flight combat game, Ace Combat has graced only Sony platforms since its inception, with entries in the series landing on PS1, PS2, and the PSP. The news comes from Pro-G, who in turn pulled the info from the latest Famitsu. Very little is known about the game except that it will feature combat between two factions. Online versus and co-op are also expected. The game is scheduled to arrive some time in 2007.

Could this open the door for more major Namco franchises on the 360?
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