Redesigned Apple iMac on the way?

Rumors about Apple redesigns are dime-a-dozen. We all know they're coming, it's just a matter of when they'll hit and in what form. While it's fair to argue that Apple isn't always the first with a design, it's hard to deny that the impact and focus that Apple brings to the subject often has sweeping impact felt throughout the consumer electronics industry and beyond. As such, we'll cast a wayward glance in the direction Apple Insider when they claim to have learned from "people familiar with the situation" that the three year old iMac design is about to undergo a "substantial facelift." We've all been expecting this anyway what with Apple's move last year away from the G5 to Intel's faster and cooler running processor line-up. The "slimmer and sleeker" iMacs will "cut the fat" of the existing iMac by offering "striking new industrial designs." AI is unclear when the redesign will hit but speculates that the new iMacs will feature hardware complements (multitouch?) to Apple's soon to be released Leopard OS. One thing is for sure, we're about to get swamped with dozens of new tips claiming to have leaked images of the new iMac. Thanks AI.

[Thanks, Cameron]