Metareview: Custom Robo Arena

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With a fresh Wi-Fi Connect compatible game hitting the market today, many might be looking to Custom Robo Arena to spice things up and offer a new experience for Wi-Fi play. Not only that, the promise of customizable robots is sure to be enough to entice any gamer, be they an enthusiast of the DS or any other system.

So how did the game fair with the critics? Read on and find out:
  • GameSpy (80/100) thinks the game was developed for the young'ns: "Simple and sublime, Custom Robo Arena was quite clearly developed with the little tykes in mind, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it."
  • GameSpot (79/100) gets our hopes up as they laud the multiplayer: "Exciting action and great multiplayer make Custom Robo Arena a game well worth playing."
  • 1UP (75/100) doesn't have great things to say: "It's too bad, then, that Custom Robo Arena's RPG elements are so mundane, a connect-the-dots of talk to this character, trigger this event."
  • IGN (70/100) says the game could've been better: "The Nintendo DS version of Custom Robo won't raise the franchise up to a "must have" status in the Nintendo library of first-party titles, but apart from the boring RPG story it's not such a bad diversion."
  • GameDaily (70/100) finds the game easily forgotten: "A likable (if not quite memorable) game for the Nintendo DS. The presentation could've use a little sprucing up and some parts of the story stretch on for way too long (such as the school segments)."
Have any of you picked this up yet?
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