EA reveals Wii-exclusive game: Boogie

Eric Caoili
E. Caoili|03.22.07

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EA reveals Wii-exclusive game: Boogie

After several weeks of hushed rumors about Electronic Arts' rhythm-based game for the Wii, the video game giant finally pulled the curtains back on its gossiped project, Boogie. The new IP will take advantage of the Wii's unique controls, encouraging gamers to sing and sway along with the karaoke/dance game. The reports of a microphone peripheral for the Wii remote seem indisputable now, but we're puzzled as to how it will work since the nunchuck will already be attached to the controller's bottom port.

Players will be able to customize their characters and even "[star] in their own music videos." We're not sure if that means Boogie will allow us to import our Miis, but it would be a criminal oversight if the game didn't. Judging by the screenshots released so far, it would pain us to hear that our character selection would be limited to SpongeBob rejects with chest hair.

EA Montreal (SSX Blur) is handling development for this Wii-exclusive game, and they expect to release the title worldwide later this year. Check out the first screenshots for Boogie after the post break!

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