Orb works with Wii, PS3, and now 360

Not to have the thunder completely stolen by the Apple TV, Orb Networks has announced compatibility for streaming media service with Wii, PS3, and now Xbox 360 console owners. The newly-added 360 support can use the built-in media capabilities of its Windows Media Center Extender, with just the Orb software on the PC end. PS3 and Wii setups stream from a Flash-embedded MyCast site. The Orb streamer only plays well with Vista and XP, and needs a 2.4GHz Pentium 4, AMD 3200+, or higher CPU, as well as Windows Media, Real, or Quicktime Players for the streaming. Content also ends up as Flash video, so that probably nixes any support for high definition, but if you're itching to do some streaming to your console across the house -- or across the globe -- and don't want to wait for or use Apple's solution, then Orb could be the best thing for you.

[Thanks, gibber9583]