A history lesson about punching faces

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|03.23.07

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A history lesson about punching faces

Those that have had a PSP since launch may know that Darkstalkers was one of the first games on the system and certainly still one of the best fighters on the handheld. But for those that only know the PSP version or don't know the interesting and varied history of Darkstalkers, you may want to check out Gamespy's Hardcore Gaming 101 write up on the spooky brawler.

Even fans of the series may not know facts like Darkstalkers was the first Capcom fighter to have a Super guage and air-blocking or the number of Darkstalkers characters that appeared in Namco X Capcom (a game I'm still sad never came to the US). Cheer up your next gaming party with Darkstalkers trivia or have unhealthy thoughts over the Lilith art. The choice is yours.

[Via Game Set Watch]

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