Bionic hand touts can-crushing abilities

Joining the arm, eye, ear, and dolphin (saywha?), the latest bionic creation to come from the doors of the Tokyo Institute of Technology boasts some 33-pounds of crushing power, which could make the Power Glove look a bit weak in comparison. Touted as the "world's first electromechanical prosthetic hand with a grip strong enough to crush an empty beverage can," the creation reportedly weighs a hair over 300-grams and features about half the strength found in the average male hand, but it can extend and flex its fingers in around one second, making sure that the wearer is still a formidible opponent in thumb wars. Unlike similar iterations, however, this rendition utilizes a system of pulleyed cables that run through the fingers, and if all goes as planned, eventual wearers will be able to control the machine by flexing other muscles via "myoelectric control technology." Click on through for a video demonstration.

[Via Pink Tentacle]