Take Verizon Wireless for a test drive starting Monday

Brian White
B. White|03.24.07

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Take Verizon Wireless for a test drive starting Monday
You wouldn't buy a new car without giving it a test drive first, right? Verizon Wireless has taken the "test drive" concept to the U.S. wireless industry and will now allow potential customers to take out the Verizon Wireless network for a spin before committing to that new $300 Windows Mobile Smartphone purchase and lengthy two-year contract. The CDMA carrier said that a new program to be unveiled on March 26th (this coming Monday) will give customers a 30-day "test drive" on the company's network. If you're unimpressed in any way and want to take you new number to another carrier, Verizon Wireless will refund your money for all calls up to that point, equipment, activation fee and taxes; and, you'll get out of that pesky contract if you return that phone.

[Via Wirelessinfo.com]

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