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New Samsung Blu-ray burners

New Samsung Blu-ray burners
Ben Drawbaugh
Ben Drawbaugh|March 26, 2007 2:23 AM
Samsung SE-B046
If there is any doubt that the format war is in full swing, we don't know how. It seems that everyday a new device is announced and today it's Samsung's turn with a few new Blu-ray burners. While we don't have many details on state-side availability, they have some pretty interesting devices. The SE-B046 pictured is pretty cool looking, and we hope its performance matches -- we can't ever get enough of that piano black finish. It's an external burner, includes USB 2.0 and 1394 ports, and is no doubt designed to record from your 1394 enabled STB or computer. The next model, the internal SH-B043, can write 4x BD-R and supports all the standard optical discs we have come to expect. For those still using DVDs, Sammy also announced the SATA enabled SH-S203, which sports a whole slew of support including record-breaking 20x DL DVD±R, 12x DVD±R DL/-RAM, 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD-RW. While some of these models will be available somewhere this year, we'll have to wait on pricing and release details.