Sprint shows off Cisco ENZO EV-DO router at CTIA

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.27.07

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Sprint shows off Cisco ENZO EV-DO router at CTIA
While it's certainly not the first of kind, Sprint is busting out a rare American solution to the 3G router thirst as it showcases the Cisco ENZO at this year's CTIA. The EV-DO router is based around a Cisco 3G WWAN interface card and an "integrated service router (ISR)," and unfortunately, that's about all the details that are currently available. Apparently, Sprint will be aiming this at companies who could use "primary or backup access for business-critical applications," and while we can't give you any concrete dates to mark on your calender just yet, the router is currently in the testing stage and should be ready for commercialization "sometime this summer."
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