Bust-a-Move Bash looks very nice and clear

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Bust-a-Move Bash looks very nice and clear

IGN posted some new screens of Bust-A-Move Bash, and we're really pleased with what we see. It's not, however, for any of the reasons you may think.

The character selection looks great, there are some seriously huge levels (see above) and the 8-player mode is a nice inclusion (we assume it uses four Wiimotes and four Gamecube controllers). We look forward to seeing how the Wii controls work, sure. But out of all the features, what we're really excited about are the very clear, very colorful bubbles. We played a lot of Bust-A-Move 4 on the Game Boy Color, you see, and it got kind of hard to tell the difference between, say, purple and grey, or maybe they were supposed to be different shades of purple, or grey? The point is we couldn't figure it out most of the time. Other iterations of Bust-A-Move have been better about that, but none have shown such beautiful clarity in their bubbles. This is very important!

We've posted some images from the screenshot gallery after the post break. Enjoy easily discerning the colors of the bubbles! Hey Taito, how about a Bubble Bobble game while you're at it? Get the license back from Codemasters.

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