OmniZero.4 bot performs amazing feats of strength, rope jumping

At a recent ROBO-ONE 11 event, which sees hapless robots performing various demeaning tasks to the delight of the onlookers and honor of their builders, OmniZero.4 from Takeshi Maeda took the top prize, with a demonstration score of 453. Of course, it doesn't really take a whole lot to delight the judges -- OmniZero.4 managed to climb some steps, perform a somersault, jump some rope and crack a couple of eggs without making a fool of himself, hardly worthy of a machine whose descendants will one day rule the earth. At least it makes for some decent entertainment, so peep the video after the break, and then get to working on your own very ninja-bot to whip up on next year's domesticated competition.

[Via Robots Dreams]