Dell: we're going Linux, and it's all because of you

Dell, oddly enough, is listening to the many thousands of direct requests its customers made during its big public brainstorm (aka IdeaStorm) not so far back. The result of nearly 70% of participants requesting Linux on Dell machines? Linux will soon be pre-installed on consumer desktops and laptops outside their server and Precision desktop lineup -- hoorah! What we're most curious about: when going to configure your system, how much money will one save by ducking out of the "Microsoft tax"? No word on when we'll get to find out what the magic number is, but we imagine the Linux rollover won't be immediate since Dell still has some serious work to do not only with the driver and software end of things to make future machines fully open-source, but also prepping and training its end-user support staff to get Linux-compatible, as it were.

[Via PC World]