Sony denies impending 80GB PS3, let the games begin

We're not sure why Sony is playing so coy with the PlayStation 3 storage upgrades -- after all, the 360 Elite is cheaper than the 20GB PS3 yet offers six times the capacity -- but the company is already denying reports of an impending 80GB model, despite those telling FCC documents we saw earlier today. In an official statement, Sony spokesbots said that "the 80GB we're not making a comment on, but we don't have any plans at the moment," which sounds like a rather weak denial to us -- but a denial nonetheless. Since, as Eurogamer points out, you can already swap out your own higher capacity PC drive anyway, we're not sure that even if there is an eighty gigger in the wings, it's that big of a deal. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled, because you can probably expect a lot more of this back and forth until Sony finally reveals the new model with a lot of fanfare but to little surprise.

[Via Joystiq]