Video: Fan Made Mjolnir Mix on GHII

David Dreger
D. Dreger|03.30.07

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Video: Fan Made Mjolnir Mix on GHII
So, last month we reported the OXM rumor about Halo 2's "Mjolnir Mix" getting into Guitar Hero II for the 360. Well, GameTrailers user moistpjs (heh) made a video from the PS2 version of the game that gives an interesting take on how it would play. Due to our newbian skills, however, we can't figure out if we can embed User made content from Gametrailers, or how he made it all happen.

Either it was some very impressive editing skills, or most likely, he haxx0red the song into the game on his PS2 and set the note structure to the music. Whatever way he managed to pull it off, it's a job very well done on his part and we hope to see something official from RedOctane that follows suit in the form of downloadable content off of Xbox Live Marketplace. What did you think of the video? Would you play that song on your 360 version of GHII in a heartbeat?

[Via HBO]
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