April Fool's Alert #2: David Jaffe explodes on Geoff Keighley

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David Jaffe will finally lose it tomorrow on GameTrailers.com during an interview with Geoff Keighley. The cubby Jaffe will finally have a lover's quarrel on camera with the twinkie Keighley and say, "$%@& you man, why do I have to be humble to you? I'll $%&@ you up your @$$!" Yeah David, don't let Keighley push you around, enough is enough!

This April Fool's Day joke is based on Jaffe's previous outbursts. There was the drunken tirade at the Playboy Mansion and once on Keighley's show, GameHead, Jaffe had some choice words about a Gamespot story on him. We certainly look forward to seeing what scripted crazy-talk Jaffe will unleash on Keighley. Then again, taking Jaffe into account, it could all be real!
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