iCylinder: the DIY iPod alarm clock guide

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Conrad Quilty-Harper
March 31st, 2007
iCylinder: the DIY iPod alarm clock guide
Out of the whole of the iPod accessory industry, alarm clocks with iPod docks have to be the most appreciated. When the alternative for your morning wake up call is either the voice of a pumped up DJ or an incessant beeping noise, the decision to go with your iPod's collection is a given. For those of you out there with confident DIY electrical experience the decision just got even easier: the iCylinder is a custom made do-it-yourself solution for making your own iPod dock alarm clock. The example over at instructables shows one hella' fugly little box, but we're sure if you put in a little bit more effort you'll be able to make the various materials look all purdy (unless, that is, you like waking up to what looks like a ball of trash every morning). There's a lot of tinkering with electrical wiring here, so make sure you keep a steady hand and take a break halfway through. An alarm clock that blows up in the morning will definitely get you out of bed, although we're sure most people would prefer to get to consciousness without getting their hair singed in the process.

[Via Hacknmod]
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