Where's that gamer picture from?

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|03.31.07

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Where's that gamer picture from?
While cruising through your friends list on Xbox.com have you ever wondered where some of those gamer pictures come from? Well, we have, and thanks to Major Nelson's input and the tech guys who run Xbox.com they implemented a cool little feature. Now, if you hover your cursor over any gamer picture it'll give you a little more information to what game or picture pack it comes from. This feature is now fully supported by numerous browsers including IE, Firefox, and Opera. Just look for the alt tag to expand with the text or check your status bar for the gamer picture information. True, it's nothing huge, but is one of those nifty little feature that's cool to have and know about. Thanks Xbox.com team, you guys (and gals) are number one in our book.
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