April Fool's day roundup

The tech world loves to go a little nuts on April Fool's day; we usually stand by and watch the madness ensue, but we figured we'd lend a hand keep you in the know. Trust us, you don't want nerds punking you, that kind of upsets the natural pecking order. (Oh yeah, and if you've got any good ones, drop 'em in comments.)

Engadget & ThinkGeek - Art Lebedev's Vilcus dactyloadapter
Google - Google unveils "dark porcelain"-based TiSP home broadband service [Thanks to everyone who sent this in]
Google - Gmail paper, it's finally here!
Phonescoop - Apple caves to Cingular's demands, Sanyo switchblade phone, Moto RAVR and BLZR, Googlephone interface revealed, and E-TEN buys Palm
El Reg - Apple and Google making phone together
CNET - Apple TiVo undercover peek
ThinkGeek - WiiHelm and a bunch of other fake crap
PirateBay - PirateBay finds home in North Korea [Via Slashdot]
more... - Rent an Asimo - Sony Ericsson Aibo, aww [Thanks, David]
Philip Baker - Cellphone companies fess up for crap service. Yeah right.
Gearlog - 200GB 40x zoom Treo 650CTU, Jack Bauer edition
Wii Fanboy - Nintendo adds new Virtual Console glitch emulator
Skype Journal - Skype for Cows! It's about damned time.
PocketNow - Windows Mobile 7 naming scheme leaked. Our favorite: "Windows Mobile 7.00 without Touchscreen and Professional Application Suite Edition"