MTI Whirlpools' Stereo H2O throws tunes in the tub

We know, you're already skeptical about this one, especially considering all the dodgy material that's already floated your way, but unless someone at MTI Whirlpools is blowing hot steam, this one is for realz. The Stereo H20 bathtub actually does manage to integrate audio-blastin' equipment into a container full of water without guaranteeing any sort of unexpected electrocution along the way. Touting the soothing benefits of "full-bodied sound," the tub rocks several acoustic transducers on the shell's exterior near the waterline, which should theoretically create a bucket of sound to "envelope" the bather in question. Additionally, the digital amplifier that powers said speakers includes provisions for your iPod (or any other DAP, we presume), CD / DVD player, or even an eight-track jam if you can find the correct adapter. Unsurprisingly, there's no word yet concerning the pricetag on this unique piece, but if it's anything like the musically inclined Aquagate shower, it'll probably be reserved for the more affluent set anyway.

[Via OhGizmo]