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PS3 boomerang prototype defended

PS3 boomerang prototype defended
Tony Carnevale
Tony Carnevale|April 2, 2007 1:28 PM
Remember that crazy boomerang-like controller that was supposedly going to be the default interface for the PS3? We're still having nightmares about it, and Teiyu Goto, PS3 design king, isn't helping. According to CVG, Goto explains the guaranteed hand-destroyer thusly: "Quite frankly, we had set aside the ergonomic aspect in favor of the image it conjured up. We wanted to present an avant-garde model for the show, running a risk of being criticized."

Mission accomplished! When fans cried out in torment and fear, Sony reverted to the good ol' shape of the original Dual Shock controller. Which isn't all that ergonomic anyway, really. Is it us, or are the hand-nubs on the SixAxis too stubby for comfort?
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