Bloated 17-inch MacBook Pro battery -- take 2

Here you go, another case of bloating 17-inch MacBook Pro batteries this time from our friend Pablo. After a few weeks of slight bloating, this is what he discovered this morning following an overnight charge. Think it's an isolated issue do you? Then perhaps you missed the "me too" comment revolt in our original posting a few weeks back. Now, what say you Apple, time for an exchange? After all, just like your 15-inch MBP batteries, it's safe to say that these also do not meet your "high standards for battery performance." Or do they?
Note: pictures are right-left inverted since they were taken with MBP webcam.

Update: Need more evidence? Check the bloated 17-inch MBP battery pics harvested from comments: Spain and Disko and Frank and Matt W and Max K and Brandon S and Casper and Adam and Antii. Last but not least, several threads on Apple's own support forum.