Red Vs. Blue: 100th episode will be the last

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Red Vs. Blue: 100th episode will be the last
After four years of Halo-driven machinema fun, Red Vs. Blue is calling it quits. Burnie, of RvB's production company, Rooster Teeth, spilled the news in a recent forum post. Red Vs. Blue was originally launched on April 1st of 2002, and the series is fast approaching its 100th episode, which seemed like the perfect place to "call it a show."

Before all the RvB fans cry in agony, know that Rooster Teeth has announced only the end of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, and this doesn't signal the death of the series as a whole. Burnie assures us that questions about the series' future as well as other plans will be discussed in the in the "weeks and months to come". In the meantime, seven episodes remain in The Blood Gulch Chronicles, one of which was released yesterday, and plenty of loose ends need tying. If you haven't been keeping tabs on the series, now may be the perfect time to catch up.
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