Screens of new Marvel UA heroes and villains

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Screens of new Marvel UA heroes and villains

TeamXbox has unearthed a few screenshots of the upcoming downloadable content (DLC as the kids call it) for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. The screens include some shots of Venom, Magneto, the Hulk, Dr. Doom, Hawkeye, Cyclops, and Sabretooth. Not pictured, unfortunately, is Nightcrawler. The new content will be available sometime this month at several price points. The Villain pack or the Hero pack will be available for 500 points each, or you can pick the heroes and villains in a single pack for 800 points. In addition to the new heroes and villains, the DLC will come with new achievements as well.

Of course, the question is, are new characters and achievements worth 800 points?

Update: Cyclops and Hawkeye are in the shots. We missed them because we were too busy staring at the Hulk.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]
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