School of Rock: free Guitar Hero strategy guide

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|04.04.07

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School of Rock: free Guitar Hero strategy guide
If there's one thing we like, it's a really well-done strategy guide. Add the words free and video to that guide, and you had us at free. The video part is just a bonus. It sure beats the old days of searching Usenet and praying that someone had posted a way to beat the uber-boss on level nine.

GameAlmighty has put together a top-notch strategy guide for Guitar Hero to help you rock yourself to high-scores. It does get a bit dry at times, but thankfully the videos are brief and informative. It's not quite a face-melting tribute to rockmania, but it'll improve your thrashing for sure.

However, it probably won't help you if you've got whammy bar problems.

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