Wiimote gets another charger / battery pack combo

It looks like those that just can't stand swapping AAs have yet another option to keep their Wiimote powered, with Thanko's descriptively-named "USB Charger for Wii Remote Control" joining similar offerings from Brando and JoyTech. Like the JoyTech unit, this one gets its juice from a USB port, either on the Wii itself or any one you can spare on your PC, with the former taking about three and half hours to charge, according to the company, and the latter knocking the wait time down to just just two hours. Once it's topped off, the battery pack will supposedly give you a full 30 hours of use. At $29 Thanko's charger is a bit cheaper than JoyTech's, although you'll need to pick up a pair of 'em if you want to keep both your Wiimotes charged at all times.