Build your own WiigoBot, the Lego NXT Mindstorms Wii Bowling Robot

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Conrad Quilty-Harper
April 6, 2007 4:04 AM
Build your own WiigoBot, the Lego NXT Mindstorms Wii Bowling Robot
Other than causing excessive pain to people walking around carelessly with bare feet, there's a lot of things you can do with Lego bricks. We recently saw that it's possible to make a fully automated Wii Sports bowling machine using Lego NXT Mindstorms, and now the complete guide has been posted over at BattleBricks. The fun has to be in the construction here, because unlike previous efforts, about all you can expect to gain from completion is a machine that can repeatedly throw a virtual bowling ball. You'll need a fair amount of kit here too, so be prepared to scrounge around that box of bricks to find those eight "Technic Pins with Friction and Slots" which you swear you saw at the bottom the other day. In the end, we're left wondering how abstract all this can get: will someone end up building a real life bot that automatically flies virtual, long haul flights? If so, how enthralling.
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