4000 Microsoft points cards coming soon? [update 1]

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|04.07.07

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4000 Microsoft points cards coming soon? [update 1]
Yesterday, we received an anonymous tip from a Microsoft rep stating that they've been giving out promotional materials for an upcoming retail 4000 Microsoft points card. The rumored 4000 points card is said to be priced at $49.99 and be Microsoft's answer to getting Marketplace addicts their "fix" in one convenient (albeit huge) purchase. Our tipster also said that they had no firm release date on the new card as all the materials they were given listed it as "Coming Soon". If true, this would would be the second US retail version of Microsoft points cards coexisting with the current 1600 points cards which cost around $19.99.

More money, more points, more problems ... how else did you expect to fill that 120 GB HDD? With Monopoly money?

Update 1: Look what we have here. We guess it's no longer a rumor, go forth and buy your 4000 Microsoft points cards today!
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