Pocket Gamer gives three reasons to be cheerful

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Andrew Yoon
April 7th, 2007
Pocket Gamer gives three reasons to be cheerful
Gamasutra masterfully pointed out that PSP is not a failure. Sure, Sony has gone through a lot of missteps, but 25 million sold (which equals the number of Xbox systems sold) is not a figure to scoff at. Seemingly in response to Gamasutra's informative feature, Pocket Gamer is giving three reasons why PSP owners should be cheerful.
  • Improved services: Remote Play, free T-Mobile Hotspots, and the upcoming "beats" point to Sony truly fleshing out PSP's capabilities.
  • PSP games are getting even better: The best development studios are making PS2-quality games without any load times. God of War is just the beginning of Sony's revamped focus on the platform, and PSP gamers are going to have a lot to celebrate for. Oh, and let's not forget Final Fantasy.
  • PSP is getting cheaper: Not only has the system gone down in price, its games and accessories are getting cheaper as well. UMD games never go above the $40 mark, and Memory Sticks are getting cheaper too.
Feel free to add your own reasons to get excited about PSP. Certainly, this can be the "year of the PSP" if Sony keeps the good news coming.
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