Cowon Q5 PMP gets priced and dated

Anytime a US-bound PMP sports wireless connectivity we're bound to sit up and take notice, so the fact that Cowon's upcoming Q5 rocks not only Bluetooth and WiFi but HSDPA as well shoots this 40GB or 60GB model right up to the top of our wish list. Besides all that 'net functionality (thanks to Windows CE Internet Explorer), the 5-inch Q5 sounds like a pretty strong performer as a standalone media device, offering an 800 x 480 resolution, DVR capabilities, hefty codec support (including DivX and XviD), built-in speakers, and an FM radio, along with optional TeleAtlas-based GPS. Definitely one that will give Archos a run for its money, and at $499 or $549 depending on capacity, there seem to be enough advantages over the similar Archos 604 WiFi to warrant the extra $50-$100 when this drops sometime by the end of this quarter.