Merlin XU870 meet Verizon; Verizon, Merlin XU870

Michael Caputo
M. Caputo|04.10.07

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Merlin XU870 meet Verizon; Verizon, Merlin XU870
There's no doubt that The Network gives its customers plenty of options, especially when it comes to traveling across the pond -- and the latest addition to its ExpressCard lineup is no exception. Enter the Merlin XU870, which rocks triband 850 / 1900 / 2100MHz HSDPA and quadband EDGE and GPRS support. Yes, that's right, this is a GSM piece meant exclusively for Verizon's global roamers. The XU870 is expected to support Windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems and is expected to cost $370 with no contract, $299 with a one year contract and $249 on a two year indentured service contract on Verizon's GlobalAccess plans. You should be able to buy this around April 12.

[Thanks, HTC Kid]
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