New Marvel Ultimate Alliance Content available for 360

Jared Rea
J. Rea|04.10.07

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Jared Rea
April 10th, 2007

Our only regret is that we can't spam the words "Gene splice!" over and over and over again and call it news. Activision delivered new characters for Marvel Ultimate Alliance to the Marketplace today and, as previously mentioned, they are available in three different packages.

Split between heroes and villains, 500 Microsoft Points can net you a pack of either (Behold!) Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Hawkeye and The Incredible Hulk, or Venom, Magneto, Sabertooth and Doctor Doom. Alternatively, you can get all 8 new characters together for 800 Microsoft Points. Hey, isn't Hulk sporting something ridiculous like a 200 power rating these days in Marvel? Dude can lift entire mountains and now you have to level him up to smash some tiny robots? So not cool.

[Update - Hey, where's the beef? And by beef we mean hot, new character action! Our bake sale buddies at Xbox360Fanboy are on the case of the missing content.]
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