Runat busts out Pirates of the Caribbean TV, CD and DVD players

Updated ·1 min read

Runat is certainly no stranger to Disney-fied gadgets, but the company looks to have stepped up its game for its new batch of Pirates of the Caribbean wares, adding a suitably piratey touch to some otherwise unremarkable TVs, CD players, and DVD players. In addition to the stylish adornments seen above, the 14-inch TV with built-in DVD player also comes complete with a compass-style remote, which while less than practical would seem to at least be pretty hard to lose. Rounding out the pirate-themed line-up is a treasure chest CD player (check it out after the break), and a DVD player modeled after a ship's wheel (also after the break), complete with glowing skull, of course. While it's not clear when or if any of these'll make it to North America, you can currently get 'em in Japan, with the TV setting you back a hefty $245, and the CD and DVD player running $66 and $105, respectively.

[Via Akihabara News]