Border Patrol's mobile sensor tower passes first test

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It looks like the U.S. Border Patrol's fleet of aerial drones will soon be getting a bit of land-based backup, with the first of a series of Boeing-built mobile sensor towers recently passing its first key test. According to the company, the 98-foot tall towers will each be loaded up with a full array of gear, including cameras, radar, wireless data access points, and a tower security system, among other communications and computer equipment, with each tower boasting a line of sight range of about 12 miles. Don't expect the border to become one big hotspot anytime soon, however, with just nine towers currently on track for deployment along the Southwest border in June and no apparent word on further expansion just yet. In any event, we're guessing they wouldn't take too kindly to anyone trying to leech on their bandwidth.

[Via The Register]
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