Fast & the Furious: too little, too late

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Fast & the Furious: too little, too late

Really Namco? You're making a Fast and the Furious game for PSP? We're sorry to be rough on you, but we don't believe anyone really cares. We're busy trying to debunk myths about our favorite handheld, and attempts to repackage bad PS2 ports from yesteryear with "new" features on PSP simply won't cut the mustard. No amount of additional content will save this recently gold game from disaster, unless the core gameplay lives up to our high standards. We're being mean, but PSP fans are smarter now, and we expect more from our games.

You can check out the offending press release, after the break.




Edge Of Your Seat Portable, Drift Racing On The PSP® System

SANTA CLARA, CALIF., (April 11, 2007) – Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. announced today that its newest racing title, The Fast & the Furioushas new features for the

PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. The video game is developed through a licensing agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Products. The Fast & the Furious on the PSP® System will allow players to feel an unparalleled sense of power as they drift race their way through beautiful visuals and new modes exclusive to the PSP® System. Wirelessly trade your customized rides in the Swap Meet, tune your car and give it an oil change in the Tuner Shop for a temporary performance boost, challenge up to 3 friends in multiplayer drift battles in the Road Sweeper mode or visit the Extras menu to view tricked out rides from the movie and real world.

The Fast & the Furious for the PSP system follows on the red hot heels of last year's hit PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system game. The game introduces ground breaking racing gameplay, making drift racing accessible to both beginning and veteran game drivers alike. Here's what car enthusiast and gaming magazines had to say:

"Realistic grip and nitrous-fueled sprints add impact as you screech through neon-lit city streets and down darkened mountainsides." Super Street, October 2006.

"...a metric ton of ways to pimp out your ride, and a few nods to the three films upon which it's based." Electronic Gaming Monthly, November 2006.

Inspired by last year's hit film, The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift, the game places the underground world of drift racing into the players' hands. Gameplay features a unique drifting mechanic that allows beginning players to enjoy the game, while giving veteran racers a chance to try out more complex techniques. Players will be able to race in over 100 JDM Tuner, Classic Muscle, and Concept cars with over 300 body kits from real JDM companies. See the action from cinematic camera angles straight from the movie as players encounter boss battles across gorgeously rendered city streets.

Exclusive PSP system Features:

· Swap Meet - Gamers have the chance to show off their creative side by using the PSP system wireless connectivity option to trick out a ride and send it to other players via "Swap Meet" to use in non-career game mode.

· Road Sweeper - Putting drift racing skills to the test, up to four players can be challenged in this feature where the aim is to tag as many highlighted corners as possible using drifting maneuvers. The more complex and varied the techniques are, the more points added to the overall score. The player with the most tags (or drift points if there is a tie) wins at the end of the race.

· Oil Change - No car runs well without oil, so to increase performance, The Tuner Shops will offer a multi-grade oil change as a purchasable item. By purchasing the oil, the player's speed and performance will be temporarily enhanced upon returning to the HUB.

· Extras - Fast & Furious fanatics will get a special treat in the "Extras" section that will feature an unlocked selection containing images of both the movie and real world cars.

Rated T for teen, The Fast & the Furious has a suggested retail price of $29.99.

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