Ben Heck's PS360: SIXAXIS-stuffed Xbox controller

While not particularly partial to either, it's no secret that quite a few individuals seem to prefer Microsoft's Xbox 360 controller over Sony's award-winning SIXAXIS, and in the case of a particular individual who refused get his / her PS3 game on with a dual-shock controller, Ben Heck came to the rescue. In yet another instance of his DIY handiness, Ben stripped the innards from a PS3 controller, worked his PCB-bending magic, and somehow ported the functionality necessary for gaming on a PlayStation 3 into an Xbox 360 controller. Notably, this particular mod was done "on consignment," so if you've got a hankering for a couple of these yourself, we're sure Ben can make it happen. Be sure to hit the read link to see this traitor of an input peripheral in action, and click on through for a few more snapshots.

[Via Engadget Chinese]