Import game releases for the week of 04/15/07

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|04.16.07

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Import game releases for the week of 04/15/07

Every week we help you use your PSP's innate ability to play games from any region. This week, we have the much anticipated Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition, and a Shogi title. Keep reading to get the full details.

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Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition

Remade for the Gameboy Advance and now spruced up for the PSP. Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition features better graphics and some new gameplay. Only hardcore Final Fantasy fans or those that know Japanese will import this title instead of waiting for the US release.

Isshou Asoberu Todai Shogi: Sakidzume Shogi Dojo

Shogi is basically Japanese chess. Unless you already know how to play Shogi, and have a basic understanding of Japanese, it would be a waste of time to import this title.

That's it for this week. A bit anemic for sure, but hopefully next week is better.

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